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Best Cloth Fabric For Canyoning

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Canyoning poses a lot of challenges for you to surmount. Steep slopes, uneven terrains are just some of them. In such situations, you need to stay cool, both physically and mentally. The mental aspect depends on how you deal with the situation given to you. For the physical ones, there are High Performance Fabrics.

When buying your sport wear, it is often labeled with the name of the Fabric the clothing is made of. For example Goretex®, CoolMax®, Polartec® Power Dry® etc. All these type of Fabrics have different specifications and it is very useful if you know some about it, in order for you to buy the right piece of clothing for yourself.

In this section, we have outlined the biggest patented Fabrics to help you to make the right choice for canyoning clothes gear.

CoolMaxCoolMax®, made by Dupont, is a High-Performance Fabric that can help the athletic Performance of the people who wear it. CoolMax® moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the Fabric, where it dries faster than any other Fabric. In moisture management tests, garments made with CoolMax ® dried almost completely in 30 minutes. Cotton, by comparison, remained wet by nearly 50%.

Sweat saps your strength. Better evaporation means you spend less energy to cool your body, which increases your Performance and endurance. And because CoolMax® has better breathability, nothing’s more comfortable to wear. Look for CoolMax® in shirts, socks, running tights, bodywear, sports bras, even career apparel. Not to mention, in the wardrobes of some of the world’s premier athletes.

Polartec® Power Dry® keeps skin dry. Dries quickly. Very breathable base layer for all activities.

Polar Tech Power DryPolartec® Power Dry® Fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. All Fabrics in this series feature a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the Fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.

How does it work? Moisture and high relative humidity next to the skin cause discomfort. Polartec® Power Dry® keeps the skin dry through three complementary mechanisms:

The Fabric is very breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor.

The brushed inner surface creates many “touch points” that feel good on the skin and draw off the sweat. Sweat is wicked off the skin to the outside of the Fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation. Polartec® Power Dry® Fabrics move at least 30% more moisture away from the skin than all other Fabrics.

When the sweat reaches the outside of the Fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton. This minimizes conductive heat loss in cold weather and provides a cooling effect when exercising in warmer weather.

A high sun protection factor is available on most Fabrics in this series. Polartec® Power Dry® Fabrics are 100% polyester, highly breathable, and are ideal as the base layer for all outdoor sports, either as underwear or technical shirting.

Technical Highlights

  • Patented bi-component construction keeps your skin dry when you sweat
  • Very breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor
  • Dries quickly to minimize heat loss
  • Provides very good sun protection (UPF 15)* even when wet
  • Soft surface next to skin provides all-day comfort
  • Machine washable

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